Prestige Trade 

Prestige Trade is a specialist importer and marketer based in Accra with a mandate to procure products for clientele who demand the finer things in life. The company was founded in 2017 by like-minded entrepreneurs and gastronomes who identified the need for selected products, unavailable in the local marketplace, to be imported and marketed in the Ghanaian community.

The criteria for product selection is simple: guaranteed superior quality and availability at a fair price. The product list is constantly under review and new products are researched and tested prior to introduction.

Something For Everyone

Butcher Boyz

Butcher Boyz is a Meat Specialist sourcing extensive meat selection from selected butcheries in the Cape Province, South Africa.

gourmet Boyz

The Gourmet Shop is your local purveyor of fine charcuterie, cheese, wine, caviar, and more! 

pet shop

Our main aim is to ensure the health and wellbeing of animals. Healthy, balanced, quality food is the fundamental basis for achieving it.

Value-Added Distributors Of Fine Wines

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